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EU Academy

All of us at Eummena are happy to share a story from our latest work, one that highlights the way Moodle partners are committed above all to the core mission of Moodle: Empowering educators to improve our world. Especially when this "Educator" is the European Union!

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Some of the institutions and organizations we have helped with our solutions

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​Innovet XR Dashboards

The Innovet XR Dashboards project is a pioneering collaboration between Eummena, SupportSquare,  and Go! Schools. The project aims to revolutionise the educational experience by following a framework of learning outcomes established by the Flemish Ministry of Education.

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Dallah Driving Company

Eummena provides a Moodle learning platform to Dallah Driving Company, one of the leading Saudi companies specialized in training drivers in all over The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Cloud Solutions

Eummena and Cloud Solutions join forces to deliver interactive professional development on Moodle to healthcare professionals in hospitals across Saudi Arabia.

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eMWRE Erasmus+ project

Eummena deploys a Moodle LMS for eMWRE, which is also actively used as the project website, to disseminate information, material and news 

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Ag-Lab Erasmus+ project

Eummena offered end-to-end support for the entire content creation journey of the Ag-Lab project.

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Eummena conducts the MEC program training in partnership with ACTED.

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Evolvin' Women

We provide a Moodle LMS for Evolvin' Women, a social enterprise based in Dubai.

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The Saudi Specialized Training & Learning Institute 

Eummena offered Moodle as a distinctive platform that answered to the needs of SSTLI.

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Prince Sultan College of Business

Our work for the Prince Sultan College of Business in Saudi Arabia. 

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AlSalam Schools

Eummena provides a Moodle learning platform for AlSalam Schools in Saudi Arabia.

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Eummena provides a Moodle learning platform for the Gouna Technical Nursing Institute in Egypt.

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Noor Al-Quds

Eummena deploys Moodle in the Noor Al-Quds School in partnership with content provider AJAD.

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