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One Moot to bring them all
MoodleMoot Global 2022

If there has been one Moot that can claim, that it brought everyone together, it's this year's Global Moot. 835 people from 60 countries were there to listen to 124 presentations.  Impressive, right? Now, for a useless, yet interesting fact, if you take all these participants with their arms stretched out, and form a line, starting from the hotel venue, you can reach Andorra on the north, or Xerta on the west of Barcelona. 

If someone asked us to describe the Moot in 13 words (quite a specific request, we know), these would be: excitement, energy, ideas, connection, faces, laughs, tiredness, sleepiness, party, inspiration, awesomeness, community, future. 

For all of you that couldn't be there, we have taken some time to describe our daily experiences, in a series of blog posts that you can find below.

Partners' meeting - Day 0

Our first day in Barcelona was dedicated to an internal meeting with all the other amazing partners that offer Moodle services around the world.

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Global Moot - Day 1

The long awaited Global Moot, started in full force, with an inspiring keynote and tens of familiar faces smiling back at us. Let's get this show on the road!

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Global Moot - Day 2

2nd day, with interesting presentations, more interesting discussions and a birthday cake for someone in their early 20s, but quite mature already. Guessed it yet?

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Global Moot - Day 3

All good things come to an end. The biggest Global Moot ever, ended with the same level of excitement as it started. See you next year moodlers!

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Through the Moot, we learned a lot and we validated more. But more importantly we connected in meaningful ways, with people that share our passion for what we do. We are already sharing experiences with our clients and bringing new ideas into practice. The fresh air from this Global Moot will last, just enough to take us to the next one. 

Last, a photo taken on our way back. Returning with heavier luggage, lighter hearts, larger inboxes, less business cards, and more friends. It has been a pleasure and we can't wait for next year. 

Eummena out.

Eummena, Solutions October 12, 2022
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