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FutureX Connector

  We connect your LMS with the National E-Learning Center through Moodle FutureX Connector


The National Center of eLearning (NELC) requires all licenses Education Providers to share information about the learning activities in their learning platform with FutureX Learning Record Store (LRS) using eXperience API (xAPI) statements.

The purpose of this sharing of statements about the learner activities is to measure learner progress across the training program(s). In the next stages, deeper integration will be required to cover more learner activities through the learner’s journey. For this purpose, NELC profile will be updated and LMS providers must update their platforms accordingly.

The purpose from this connection and share of statements is:

  • Enable modern tracking of diverse learning journeys
  • Offer advanced reporting and dashboards
  • Support decision making based on learning analytics

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What will Eummena do for your LMS?

Setup our FutureX Connector plugin on your platform

the connection against the FutureX Profile 

Configure the plugin to share data with FutueX LRS 

Maintain the plugin and keep it up-to-date with any new upgrades from your software provider (Moodle) or FutureX LRS 

How will the FutureX Connector work?

Learners will interact with the learning platform and its activities/resources. These actions initiate an event that is recorded with the xAPI.

The Connector Plugin sends secure xAPI statements of the occurred activities to the FutureX LRS

FutureX LRS stores record of all the statements occurred


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