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Moodle Workplace 4.2 is here!

We are thrilled to announce the latest innovations in our enterprise learning management system: Moodle Workplace 4.2!​

With these advancements, organizations are now equipped with the tools they need to manage their teams effectively and streamline learning experiences, all designed to cater to the unique needs of each team.

In Moodle Workplace 4.2, Moodle has enhanced team learning management significantly. Comprehensive progress reports for certifications, programs, and courses are now available, providing an in-depth view of each team member's progression. The My Teams page now displays warnings when team members have overdue learning, coupled with quick filters and sorting features, and real-time search capabilities within the Team overview block. This enables managers to make informed decisions, provide the necessary support for learners, and ensure the learning journey remains on track​.

The Workplace 4.2 version also allows for improved brand consistency. The new 'Match grey tones hue with primary colour' setting automates the generation of accessible colour schemes, ensuring a professional and consistent look across all sites. Additionally, the option to configure support contact information for each department or organisation promotes personalised support, enabling users to reach out to the right department or organisation for assistance effortlessly​.

Workforce management has also seen enhancements with improved Dynamic Rules. Automated actions can now be triggered upon a learner's first login, optimising the onboarding experience. The new "End all jobs" action automatically terminates all course assignments as per defined rules, and allocations can be suspended as needed. This feature is pivotal in managing learning resources effectively and reducing report load times, particularly for sites with multiple rules​​.

Moodle has also simplified navigation and enhanced session details. An expandable UI for appointment session details and bookings ensures consistent navigation across activity modules. Learners can quickly navigate and book sessions and trainers have more flexibility to incorporate appointment sessions into their training itineraries​.

Customised content is now a reality with Moodle Workplace 4.2. Trainers can define allowed content filters for certificates, allowing them to personalise certificate content using their preferred filters​.

Organisational security has also been improved with a new setting that allows the locking of shared department and position frameworks. This ensures that only trainers with the right permissions can manage jobs related to these locked departments and position frameworks, thereby enhancing security by controlling access to authorised individuals or teams only​​.

Moodle Workplace’s report block, which displays data represented in a select custom report, is now available for Moodle LMS users in the plugins directory. This grants all Moodle users access to insights from custom report data, reflecting our commitment to benefit the entire Moodle community and enhance the tools and features created for workplace learning in Moodle Workplace​.

Eummena team has also added some amazing flavour to the look and feel of Moodle workplace, connect with us to know more!

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