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Moodle Learning Platform

Empower your Organization with Moodle

Moodle supports all types of teaching and learning by building a platform that works for you. Flexible, customizable, unique to your organization's needs. Eummena provides end-to-end Moodle services. We will help you plan, build, implement your platform and provide full support throughout your journey. 

Moodle is the mostly widely-used open-source learning management platform worldwide, currently at more than 100,000 institutions in over 200 countries.

Why moodle?

Built for teachers, learners, and administrators

Moodle was built to offer teachers, learners and administrators an integrated solution, allowing for high levels of interaction between the end users and the provided services. 

Freely available to anyone

Moodle software is freely available to anyone to set up, or through certified partners like Eummena.

Open source

Moodle’s code is open for anyone to collaborate and it is freely shared with people all over the world. The idea of open source is sharing the goal, where people come together and work towards the same objective to collectively serve the community better.

Our Moodle Services


Our team handles the installation process from start to finish to secure a seamless transition for both teachers and learners.


Your learning platform is hosted, operated and fully supported by Eummena experts! We’ll ensure your Moodle fits seamlessly into your existing processes so you don't miss a beat!


Make it yours! The learning platform is branded and presented in accordance with your organization's identity, preferences and unique needs.


We can help you capture what you need and want to achieve with Moodle. With learning and progress analytics, we offer top-quality reports with straightforward figures and findings that are important to your organizatioorganization.


Make the most of your Moodle LMS! We offer bespoke training solutions for your staff to guarantee all players are confident and comfortable with the platform.

Support and Consulting

We help you tackle the obstacles you may face by offering personal support in different fields of expertise including technology, pedagogy, research, and analytics.