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Eummena Participation in eLearning Success Summit

A little while ago, we shared with you the news for our silver sponsorship of the 2021 eLearning Success Summit. Taking place within this global pandemic, the Summit focused on the fact that the move to eLearning during the pandemic was less than ideal for most of the world. We saw that while there were a few bright spots of schools or companies that were prepared to be completely virtual immediately, the reality for most was one of patchwork systems (if any at all), unprepared instructors and uncompelling content. More than 7,000 individuals joined the Summit, from all over the world, making us feel more connected than we’ve had in this past year!

During the Summit, we connected with thousands of stakeholders, talking about:

  • How we can engage learners in ways that make them raving fans
  • How we can create fresh and compelling content
  • How we can help parents and staff to stay up to speed with learners effortlessly
  • How we can go from feeling “isolated” to “optimistic and hopeful”
  • How we can feel confident that EdTech investments are paying massive dividendsIn our capacity as a supporter of the event, we had the pleasure of talking live with Stephen Ladek on the challenges that education faces, on a global scale. Our very own, Jad Najjar, Tasos Koutoumanos, Mai Khalil, Assil Moghnieh, Guillermo Garcia Hernandez and Nikos Palavitsinis, connected with Stephen and shared their views on how this global pandemic is shaping the future of our education systems around the world.

For all of us in Eummena, speaking on the event or not, the eLearning Success Summit has been an eye-opening experience that allowed us to reflect on our work, to realise once more, the critical nature of what we offer and to connect with like-minded people around the world that are striving to make an impact on the way we perceive and perform educational activities.

It has only been a few days since the end of the Summit but we are really looking forward to next year’s event! We encourage you to follow us on our social media for more information on related events and to also connect with LMS Pulse on Facebook, to be the first to know what they’re up to!

Eummena Participation in eLearning Success Summit
Eummena 30 avril 2021
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