Moodle - LinkedIn Learning integration
Moodle - LinkedIn Learning integration
LTI 1.3 + LTI Advantage

 LinkedIn Learning is proud to meet the latest content interoperability standards of the "Learning Tools Interoperability" suite (LTI). Combined with the long-awaited full support of Moodle for LTI 1.3,  it's now possible to turn your Moodle Learning Platform into a full-fledged Learning Experience Platform, hosting courses from LinkedIn Learning and capturing all details on the Moodle side. 

With LinkedIn Learning and LTI 1.3 / LTI Advantage, you can create a streamlined course and programme creation experience  directly inside Moodle. Your faculty can easily select learning content and full courses from LinkedIn Learning, structure them in any means inside Moodle, and capture all learners' interactions and outcomes. At the same time, learners benefit from a streamlined learning experience, in a unified platform.

Through the deep integration with your Moodle based learning platform, LinkedIn Learning realizes value across your institution:

  • Administrators and managers can automatically manage instructor permissions, access improved reporting, and track learning and reporting outcomes.
  • Instructors and faculty can easily discover, preview, filter and deep-link LinkedIn Learning content and sync course progress and grades into your learning platform.
  • Learners can enjoy rich, engaging LinkedIn Learning content and embedded playback directly inside their familiar learning platform.

Result: Cost-effective course content for learners and easy-to-use course-building for instructors.

What the learners say

“ For me, LinkedIn Learning has been a great resource and continues to complement my current skills in the workplace. It’s opened up a new arena for upskilling, and I love the way you can set weekly targets and view your progress at a glance. It’s also great to save courses of interest and see those recommended by your organisation – such as how to cope with a change in work environment when COVID-19 hit – which always motivates me to investigate further.  ”

 Protus Embeywa, Principal Engineer – Cyber Prevent and Defense

“ One thing I’ve had to learn very quickly is to lead, inspire, and manage my team from a remote working position. Through the courses that I’ve taken, LinkedIn Learning has helped me to retain that warmth and personal touch – without meeting staff face to face. I’ve also been learning skills around digital transformation and leadership within a digital age. ”

 Barack Odero, HOD – Regional Network Implementation & Operations

Benefits of Moodle Integration with LinkedIn Learning

  • Tracking course progress of learners directly inside Moodle: LinkedIn Learning communicates the learners' course completion progress (0% - 100%) and the status ("Incomplete" or "Complete") back to Moodle when learners launch and consume courses within Moodle.
  • Discoverability: Moodle indexes all content uploaded into the LMS for optimal search functionality; connecting LinkedIn Learning courses into Moodle allows your learners to search, find, and launch LinkedIn Learning content from Moodle.

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Moodle - LinkedIn Learning integration
Eummena November 22, 2022
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