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Evolvin' Women

Background of the Institution

Evolvin’ Women is a social enterprise based in Dubai that prepares unemployed women from urban areas and less privileged economic backgrounds to secure skill development placements for 2 years in the UAE.

They are the first international hospitality skill development programme of this kind and they only enrol unemployed women across Africa who have had limited access to quality education and job opportunities.

Evolvin' Women’s programme has a multifaceted plan for personal and professional growth designed to help them excel in the UAE and secure jobs back in their home countries while helping hotels become more inclusive and diverse.

The Challenge

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Evolvin' Women’s main goal was moving their curriculum online to accomodate this change. Scalability to include more women, flexibility and user-friendliness of the learning platform, as well as easiness to upload new courses were other concerns that they had.

Eummena’s Solution

Eummena worked alongside the Customer to seamlessly move their curriculum online. We provided Evolvin' Women with a Moodle learning platform, customized to meet their unique needs and with a redesigned interface to match their brand.

Course development and delivery training was also privided for Evolvin' Women staff.


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