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What is the Moodle Educator Certification Program and why should you enroll?

What is the Moodle Educator Certification Program (MEC)?

The Moodle Educator Certificate (MEC) program is a comprehensive teaching and learning curriculum designed to help you develop transferable knowledge and skills to be effective educators in today’s growing digital workplace. The program’s curriculum closely maps to the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators and its three core areas:

  • Educators’ Professional Competences;
  • Educators’ Pedagogic Competences; and
  • Learners’ Competences.

The MEC program equips educators to develop their own digital competence with the specific skill sets necessary to meet the rapidly changing demands and fully utilize the robust flexibility of the Moodle open-source eLearning platform.

Who is MEC designed for?

The Moodle Educator Certification (MEC) program is designed for educators who wish to enhance their theoretical background for eLearning, together with their technological capabilities and at the same time advance their Moodle expertise. Enrollments can be done by individual teachers, as well as offering it to educational institutions to roll over to their staff.

What makes MEC 2020 unique?

MEC is a synergetic program which allows you to collaborate with other educators prompting relevant discussion and active problem solving facilitated by Eummena experts. The underlying goal of participating in MEC is to enhance learning experiences for all students. By understanding and utilizing the flexibility of Moodle and employing e-Iearning practices, educators can better teach learners through an engaging and functionally-rich platform.

We are committed to empowering teachers to become more confident in making use of online learning environments and focus on what matters, the content and interactions with their students.

Why should you enroll?

Advance your career with credentials
  • MEC is based on the widely-used and accepted European Framework for Digital Competences for Educators (DigCompEdu)
  • Become a more accomplished, effective, and quality-focused professional
  • Enhance your reputation with official recognition for your skill at managing Moodle courses
  • Earn a badge for each of the six courses plus a Moodle Educator Certificate
Advance the quality of education you provide
  • Improve the quality of your courses and benefit your learners directly
  • Contribute to the quality of your organisation’s education programmes
  • Collaborate and learn with other Moodle educators

How does MEC work?

The MEC Program is fully aligned with the 6 key competences areas of the DigiCompEdu: (a) Professional Engagement, (2) Digital Resources, (3) Teaching and Learning, (4) Assessment, (5) Empowering Learners, and (6) Facilitating Learners’ Digital Competence.. Courses are delivered fully online, during fixed dates, are self-contained and once completed, the respective badge and certificate is awarded.

Keep me updated with all details!

What is the Moodle Educator Certification Program and why should you enroll?
Eummena March 31, 2020
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