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Moodle Integration with Salesforce

Salesforce is the world’s leading cloud-based software provider as it delivers services to more than 150,000 businesses globally. Salesforce is the largest single player in the CRM applications market holding a 19.8% market share. From these numbers it was evident that at some point our paths with Salesforce would cross, as many of our clients are using Salesforce to manage their customer relationships.

In this process of managing paying customers and then connecting them to courses on your learning management system, you usually have two options. The first one is manual labour, which is to export data from Salesforce, prepare them and then import them into Moodle and vice versa, if you also want to keep data from Moodle inside your Salesforce instance. The second one, which is also the reason we are sharing this article, is the automated one.

Why waste all this time moving data back and forth with long and complicated CSV files, when you can create an integration between Moodle and Salesforce? We can help you with a complete two-way integration, supporting bringing data from Moodle to Salesforce, or updating data on Moodle based on changes you make in your Salesforce.

Assign your learners to courses that exist in Moodle, through Salesforce and also track their progress on Salesforce. We have the experience to support a number of different scenarios and we always enjoy listening to challenges that our clients bring to us. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help!

Moodle Integration with Salesforce
Eummena May 28, 2021
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