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Eummena partners with Intelliboard

In our work with Moodle and our talks with prospective clients, one of the major pain points of institutions that are managing LMSs, from K12 to Higher Education as well as other training providers, are the traces of learning.

The impact of any learning platform can be assessed in many different ways and many times, the fruits of this labour are not realised quickly but mostly in the distant future. Nevertheless, we do need to make sure that the solutions we build for the learners are impacting their present and are helping them to reach their goals.

Talking with numerous clients on the above, we have realised the need of incorporating a strong analytics solution with our Moodle LMS offerings. To this end, we decided to grow the Eummena family with an addition of a strong partnership that would cater to this need.

IntelliBoard is one of the certified integrations of Moodle and the strongest analytics platform for Moodle LMS in the market. IntelliBoard has been working hand-in-hand with Moodle HQ to offer a solution that integrates with Moodle LMS and Moodle Workplace seamlessly.

Our clients that opt for IntelliBoard will enjoy the power of a strong analytics platform that will allow them to create dashboards and reports for all the users of the LMS, starting from the learners all the way to the top management of the institution. One of the most important parts of the experience for us, is that these solutions allow even the most inexperienced user to create reports and to schedule them so that they are shared across the institution with people that need to be informed about learner progress.

Coupled with IntelliCart, IntelliBoard allows for institutions to monetize their learning courses, making them available to the public for purchase whilst giving them a management interface through which they can track their sales and also create bundles of courses to attract more learners.

With these two new additions to our offerings, we are complementing our existing partnerships that include TurnItInSMOWL and Poodll, in our efforts to always offer the best bespoke solutions for our clientele. More partnerships are just around the corner, so stay tuned on our social media for more announcements.

Eummena partners with Intelliboard
Eummena April 20, 2021
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