Eummena @BETT 2019 | Eummena
Eummena @BETT 2019

Much like this DMC DeLorean that you see in our featured photo, symbolising this very future of education! We hopped inside, set the destination year, and launched ourselves towards what the future holds!

  • We played teacher games in the Edmodo booth and got our free t-shirts to remember our experience, we chatted with the people from Frog, paid a visit at Google, to check out their VR, and frequented the BETT Arena, absorbing all the great talks that were hosted there over the days!
  • We heard from Mitchel Resnick, LEGO Professor of Learning Research from MIT, on how creativity can be cultivated through projects, peers and play and we were inspired by the thread on Emotion and Cognition in the Age of AI, as it was introduced by Anthony Salcito, VP of Worldwide Education in Microsoft!
  • We experimented (another word for “played”) with all the STEM tech (another word for “robots”) we could get our hands on and got in touch with all the data management and analytics solutions represented at BETT.

Overall, this was a refreshing and inspiring experience, during a three-day event that seemed like it lasted for a month. In the epicentre of creativity and innovation, surrounded by great colleagues and amongst them, people that are driving education into the 21st century.

Already planning our trip for 2020, we are home now, inspired and energetic, reflecting on all the interesting talks and connections, planning next steps and collaborations!

Eummena @BETT 2019
Eummena December 20, 2018
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