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eMWRE 2nd Stakeholder Event: Connecting the Drops
Solving Water Challenges with Open Access Data and Open Source Software

Members of the Eummena team recently attended the Erasmus+ eMWRE 2nd Stakeholder Event: Connecting the Drops Solving Water Challenges with Open Access Data and Open Source Software

The event that took place at Crowne Plaza, Dead Sea, Jordan, on 1-2 March 2023, was a great opportunity for stakeholders in the water engineering sector to exchange knowledge and ideas on Open Source Software and Open Access data for Integrated Water Resources Management and share this knowledge with the eMaster students that are participating in the eMaster offered by the universities participating in the eMWRE project.

The eMWRE project implements an innovative eMaster in water resources to modernise the education using innovative technology and advanced tools to provide more sustainable solutions to the water scarcity problems in the MENA region. 

The event was well attended, with over 100 participants from a range of sectors, including academia, industry, and government. The day was filled with a series of presentations, panel discussions, and interactive workshops, all focused on Solving Water Challenges with Open Access Data and Open Source Software.

Day 1: Project Overview and stakeholders Workshop

The day started with an opening speech by the Vice President of Scientific Studies of the University of Jordan, Prof Ashraf Abu Karaky, followed by Dr Esraa & Dr. Husam Abu Hajar, eMWRE project coordinators at the University of Mutah & Jordan, and Dr. Zainab Zomlot, Vrije University Brussels with the Main Outcomes and Results Achieved.

Afterwards we heard various insightful talks from industry professionals such as Prof. Ann. Van Griensven, Prof. Sebastian Hendrik Sterl, Dr. Mona Dahabiyeh, Prof. Elga Salvadore, and Prof. Yunes Mogheir. 

The day concluded with students' presentations on their case studies, followed by a Stakeholders - Students engagement session, were students asked questions and got to hear valuable feedback.

Day 2: Integrated Project  and Stakeholders Workshop 2

The second day of the event featured a series of outstanding and insightful talks from highly respected stakeholders such as Dr. Muath Abu Sadaa and Dr. Subhi Samhan from the Palestinian Water Authority, as well as Dr. Abdullah Murrar, Dr. Mohammed Saleh from the Ministry of Agriculture, and Dr. Nikos from Eummena.

On the final day, the rest of the students presented their case studies on Jordan, which added to the diverse perspectives and knowledge shared during the event. The day concluded with a celebration of the successful project!

During the event, our team showcased the deployed eMWRE Moodle LMS, which is also actively used as the project website, to disseminate information, material and news about the project.

The platform is open to the public for registration, and it counts more than 2,200 users that are actively participating in the courses and webinars that eMWRE project partners have launched through it.

Our demo of the platform was followed by a talk on the impact of the project on its targeted communities and stakeholder given by our colleague Nikos Palavitsinis. 

Overall, the Erasmus+ EMWRE 2nd Stakeholder Event was a valuable opportunity for stakeholders in the water engineering sector to come together, share knowledge and expertise, and identify practical solutions to tackle the challenges that the project addresses. Eummena was proud to be a part of this important initiative and looks forward to continuing to work with the eMWRE network to promote more sustainable practices in the water engineering.

Find out more about the eMWRE Erasmus+ project

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