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Build your LMS

Are you having a hard time finding a solution that fits your needs?

Do you feel like you need a university degree to decrypt what LMS providers offer?

Are technical specs and contractual terms difficult to grasp and understand?

Do you feel that you are being asked to guess your future, and to bind your institution on contracts that are exceeding your needs?

You are not alone. We understand how all of this can be challenging, and we can help you build your own LMS, in 3 easy steps. 

the form

...and leave the FUSS to us
(Flavour, Users, Storage, Support) 

your quotation

...from our BD team, 
within 2 (two) working days

creating value

...and powerful online learning with the most popular LMS, adapted to your needs

Design It Yourself

You choose what's best for you. We take care of the rest.

Are you looking for basic Moodle (no extra plugins or custom features), advanced Moodle (with the ability to customise it), or Moodle Workplace for your corporate training needs?
This is the maximum amount of active users you can have on your LMS at any time. Of course, you can delete old users and add new ones.
Will you upload lots of content (videos, photos) on your LMS (more GB) or are you mainly using text and links to external resources (less GB)?
All our hosting plans, come with unlimited 3rd-level support. If you think you will need further consultation for improving your LMS, building your courses in an optimal manner, migrating content from an old LMS, etc., please tick "Yes" and we will recommend one of our Success Plans, specifically designed to add value to your LMS.
Here, you can describe any specific requirements you have from your LMS. It can be migration needs (moving content from an old LMS to the new one), needs for some specific functionality, or any additional features, such as plagiarism checking, proctoring, analytics, etc. In other words, here you can describe whatever we need to know about your project and is not covered in the FUSS (Flavour, Users, Storage, Support) above.
It's important for us, to know which is the company reaching out to us, so that we can prepare a quotation that matches similar cases from past and present clients. If you are interested for a personal project, please write "Personal".
Please double check your email for misspelling, and if possible, use your company email. Requests coming from non-corporate emails, don't get high priority with our BD team, so you want us to treat your case quickly, please use a formal email address.
If you would like to be reached via phone, please indicate a phone number where we can reach you
What's your preferred method of communication? Please tick all that apply
Reduced prices may apply for certain countries, so it's important to indicate your country