Eummena in the Ag-Lab Erasmus+ Project

The Eummena team has joined forces with the Ag-Lab Erasmus+ Project, offering its expertise on Moodle, through the deployment of a the Ag-Lab Moodle platform. The project, entitled “Ag-Lab – Improving skills in laboratory practice for agro-food specialists in eastern Europe” started in October 2017 and will last for 3 years. It is coordinated by the University of Ljubljana (UL), Slovenia and and involves partners from Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Poland, Italy & France.

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Eummena in Future Gate

Since September 2017, Eummena has been offering its consulting services for the Future Gate project, a large-scale K12 initiative, initiated by the Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia, implemented by TETCO SA. Within a wider context of actions, Future Gate offers a Learning Management System for a total of more than 15.000 schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 6 million students and 500 thousand teachers. 

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