PISA redefining testing standards

By 2021, PISA will include two new areas of assessment: creative thinking and flexibility in thinking. It will also measure soft skills such as being inquisitive and persistent. Based on these, the success criteria of education is shifting in a way to raise interesting questions and trigger engaging research on how the learning experiences must be shaped. Assessment strategies and assessment models will be changed in response to this too.

It is right now a question on how to approach assessment and measurement policies in light of the recent changes of the new competencies that are becoming of interest in the education community. Eummena is actively involved in undertaking research and providing assessment solutions for this new shift. Eummena is currently advising its partners and customers on how to shape accordingly their assessment tools, EdTech strategies, and digital skills initiatives.

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Evaluation for Future Gate

Eummena, as part of its consulting services for the Future Gate initiative, and in the context of our work on QA, led the work on the creation of a Yearly Evaluation Report for the first year of Future Gate. During the preparation of the report, we’ve had the privilege of working with all the teams and departments involved in the project management and implementation of one of the largest ongoing digital transformation initiatives around the globe.

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