Eummena @Learnit 2019

With all hands on deck this week, Eummena also attended Learnit 2019, in parallel to BETT 2019! The first version of Learnit, as Katy Fryatt, Learnit CEO, put it in words, aimed at creating an “open and honest conversation about how to give everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity or wealth, the opportunity to reach their greatest potential in a rapidly evolving world“. And we were glad that we were there for this!

From the first talks, we were captivated by the format, but most of all by the amazing speakers that were invited. The topics were quite broad but still very well connected to the scope of the event, allowing each one of us to find tracks that were really interesting for a number of reasons.

We had the opportunity to watch a great panel on Blockchain in Education, moderated by Sophie Bailey from the EdTech Podcast, and to reflect on The Future of Curriculum Design & Assessments, hosted by Charles Fadel from the Center for Curriculum Redesign who also hosted another interesting discussion on Equipping Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Jobs.

We followed the discussion titled Industry as Educator: Technical and Vocational Education, moderated by Alexandra Goat, the CEO of Livity which was really interesting, to see how WhiteHat and the Ufi Charitable Trust, work with their apprenticeships and vocational training programmes, and what their outputs are. We attended the Fireside Chat, which was a quick succession of presentations, 20 minutes-long, where we had the chance to hear about an array of great projects and initiatives.

Other sessions that stood out for us, were the EdTech Investor Panel, moderated by Yaki Dayan, the Founder and CEO of EdTech Israel, as well as the New Models and Stakeholders in K12, moderated by Alex Bell, the Director of Portland Education. From the Friday sessions, we were really intrigued by the talk on Investing in Quality Early Childhood Education, moderated by Sophie Bailey once more, as well as the talk on Learners on the Move: Educating Transient Populations, moderated by Mr. Nick Kind.

Overall, Learnit has been a wonderful experience, an event organised perfectly to its last detail, but most of all, an event that sparked discussions around education, and truly connected people that participated. We are happy to have been a part of it, and we are looking forward to its next edition for 2020!

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