Evaluation for Future Gate

Eummena, as part of its consulting services for the Future Gate initiative, and in the context of our work on QA, led the work on the creation of a Yearly Evaluation Report for the first year of Future Gate. During the preparation of the report, we’ve had the privilege of working with all the teams and departments involved in the project management and implementation of one of the largest ongoing digital transformation initiatives around the globe.

While the report itself is confidential, we can warmly remark that the findings were really encouraging for the first year of implementation of such an important initiative, addressing all stakeholders of the Saudi K-12 community, form students, their parents and teachers, to school managers, educational supervisors and policy makers. The FG LMS (Learning Management System), as the main EdTech component of FG, being the daily online platform for all kind of educational interactions, has been deployed already for a large number or schools and is really well accepted by teachers and students alike. Even more encouraging is the fact that the interactions on the LMS itself are continuously increasing as we have already moved into the second year of the initiative, with more schools joining on the FG LMS and a growing number of motivated members actively participating and driving the targeted educational digital transformation

Part of this work was already published in the European Conference for e-Learning [here] and another paper is being prepared for submission in an international conference, providing more insights on the entire evaluation process. Stay tuned for more information!

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