DesignStem Workshop

Tasos Koutoumanos presented the concepts of e-Learning, Open Educational Resources, learning outcomes, competence and skills modelling for strengthening lifelong learning at the DesignStem workshop in Piraeus, Greece, on May 29th. Furthermore he facilitated the group session for identifying important services for learning pathways, engaging more than 25 researchers and designers of the DesignStem team.

The objective of DesignStem is to contribute to devising, building and disseminating work methods and resources for educators and learners in the fields of design and STEM; to support synergies between education, research and innovation activities, the digitisation of quality learning content and promoting the use of ICT as a driver for systemic change to increase the quality and relevance of open design and STEM education.

Participants from ten organisations focused on the three strategic action lines:

  1. Research and development of innovative STEM educational methods and tools, using ICT: the LUMA Centre of Helsinki University, Finland; University of Piraeus Research Centre (UPRC), Greece.
  2. Applied/vocational design education: the design department of Kuressaare Regional Training Centre, HMC College, The Netherlands; Tartu Art School, Estonia; Gutenbergschule, Germany.
  3. Applied/vocational STEM and IT education: Middlesbrough College, UK; ITT Buonarroti, Italy; Polytechnic School of Leiria, Portugal; Faculty of Information Studies, Slovenia.

The main expected impact will be the improved knowledge and skills on integrated design and STEM of VET, secondary school, colleges, applied sciences university teachers and students, and the better employability of the latter in design and STEM fields.

The following slides were used during the workshop.

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