Dr Tasos Koutoumanos, as Eummena's director, was honoured with an invitation from the Faculty of Information Technology of the Islamic University of Gaza in Palestine to present recent R&D outcomes in the Second Palestinian International Conference on Information and Communication Technology (PICICT 2017). As a response to this invitation, Dr Koutoumanos has held a workshop titled "Introduction of Learning Technologies in Primary and Secondary Schools - Experiences from Greece". He provided insight about the “Digital School” large scale national initiative of the Greek Ministry of Education (MoE), which has been effectively focusing on the modernization of school education in Greece. More specifically, the “Digital School Platform, Interactive Books, and Learning Object Repository”, being the flagship project within the Digital School initiative, has involved since its beginning in 2011 more than 200 teachers, pedagogical and domain experts, and academic professors, and around 80 engineers and technical personnel. The emphasis of the workshop has been on the three key actions of the project:

  • Action 1: The Greek Digital Educational Platform (e-me)
  • Action 2: Interactive e-textbooks & learning resources
  • Action 3: The National Digital Repository Infrastructure for Learning Resources for schools (Photodentro)

On behalf of the PICICT 2017 organizing committee, and the faculty of information technology, I want to thank you for your presentation and availability during the discussion. Judging from the comments of those who attended, the conference was very successful.
— The PICICT organizing committee

The following slides were used during the presentation.